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Resolution 1852

The situation in the Middle East


S/RES/1852 (2008)
Security Council Distr.: General
17 December 2008
08-65800 (E)
Resolution 1852 (2008)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 6048th meeting, on
17 December 2008
The Security Council,
Recalling all its previous relevant resolutions, in particular resolutions
1595 (2005), 1636 (2005), 1644 (2005), 1664 (2006), 1686 (2006), 1748 (2007),
1757 (2007), 1815 (2008), 1373 (2001) and 1566 (2004),
Reaffirming its strongest condemnation of the 14 February 2005 terrorist
bombing, as well as of all other attacks in Lebanon since October 2004, and
reaffirming also that those involved in these attacks must be held accountable for
their crimes,
Having examined the report of the International Independent Investigation
Commission (S/2008/752) (“The Commission”), submitted pursuant to resolutions
1595 (2005), 1636 (2005), 1644 (2005), 1686 (2006), 1748 (2007) and 1815 (2008),
Taking note of the Secretary-General’s announcement that the Special Tribunal
for Lebanon (The Tribunal) is fully on track to commence functioning on 1 March
Taking note of the Commission’s request to extend its mandate up to
28 February 2009, so that it can continue its investigation without interruption and
gradually transfer operations, staff and assets to The Hague with a view to
completing the transition by the time the Tribunal starts functioning,
Taking note of the letter of the Prime Minister of Lebanon of 4 December 2008
(S/2008/764, Enclosure) to the Secretary-General expressing the hope that the
Security Council will respond favourably to the Commission’s request,
Commending the Commission for its extensive work and the progress it
continues to achieve in the investigation on all cases within its mandate, and looking
forward to further progress in this regard by the Commission as well as by the
Office of the Prosecutor, once it begins to operate and takes over the continuation of
the investigation into the death of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and other
cases which may be connected with the attack of 14 February 2005, in conformity
with the Statute of the Tribunal,
Recognizing the commitment of Member States to the work of the Commission
and underlining the importance of the continuation of their full cooperation with the
S/RES/1852 (2008)
2 08-65800
Commission and, once it begins to operate, with the Office of the Prosecutor, in
accordance with resolution 1757 (2007), in order to enable effective investigations
and prosecutions,
1. Welcomes the report of the Commission;
2. Decides to extend the mandate of the Commission until 28 February 2009;
3. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Lebanon, Middle East
The situation in the Middle East
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