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Resolution 2308

The situation in Liberia


S/RES/2308 (2016)
Security Council Distr.: General 14 September 2016
Resolution 2308 (2016)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 7770th meeting, on 14 September 2016
The Security Council, Recalling resolutions 1509 (2003), 2190 (2014), 2215 (2015), 2239 (2015) and 2288 (2016) on the situation in Liberia, as well as resolution 2284 (2016) on the situation in Côte d’Ivoire and resolution 2295 (2016) on the situation in Mali, Welcoming the overall progress toward sustaining peace, security and stability in Liberia, Commending the efforts of the Government of Liberia, in particular the Liberia National Police (LNP), Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) and Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), to assume full and complete security responsibility across Liberia from the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) in line with the conclusion of the 30 June 2016 security transition, Stressing that lasting stability requires the Government of Liberia to maintain well-functioning, accountable and responsive national institutions, particularly to provide for rule of law and to support national reconciliation, expressing concern that the Government of Liberia has not demonstrated sufficient progress in this regard and encouraging the enhanced assistance of Member States and multilateral organizations, Noting with concern the potential for conflict over Liberia’s natural resources and disputes related to land ownership and also noting that issues related to corruption continue to threaten to undermine stability and the effectiveness of government institutions, Encouraging all stakeholders to facilitate inclusive and peaceful elections in Liberia and stressing that the responsibility for the conduct and security of free, fair and transparent elections in 2017 rests with the Liberian authorities, Commending the efforts of the Government of Liberia to strengthen cooperation, including on security, among governments and organizations in the sub-region and also noting inter-mission cooperation between UNMIL, the United Nations Operation for Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) and the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA),
S/RES/2308 (2016)
16-15906 2 /2
Determining that the situation in Liberia continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region, Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, 1. Decides that the mandate of UNMIL, as set out in paragraphs 10 and 16 of resolution 2239 (2015), shall be extended until 31 December 2016; 2. Decides that the authorized ceilings of UNMIL’s military and police components shall remain at 1,240 and 606 personnel, respectively; 3. Affirms its readiness to consider, based on the Security Council’s review by 15 December 2016 of Liberia’s overall capacity to ensure stability and security conditions on the ground, the withdrawal of UNMIL and transition to a future United Nations presence to continue to assist the Government of Liberia to consolidate peace and, in this regard, recalls its request to the Secretary-General to conduct an assessment mission to Liberia in order to provide recommendations by 15 November 2016, and further requests the Secretary-General to include therein an update on the proposed modalities regarding the transfer of the regional Quick Reaction Force as endorsed in paragraph 41 of resolution 2295 (2016); 4. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Mali
The situation in Liberia
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