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Resolution 2714

The situation in Somalia.


Resolution 2714 (2023)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 9491st meeting, on
1 December 2023
The Security Council,
Recalling all its previous resolutions and statements of its President on the
situation in Somalia,
Reaffirming its respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political
independence and unity of Somalia,
Highlighting its decision in this resolution to fu lly lift the arms embargo on the
Federal Republic of Somalia established under resolution 733 (1992) as amended,
Emphasising, for the avoidance of doubt, that there is no arms embargo on the
Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia (GFRS),
Emphasising that effective weapons and ammunition management in Somalia
a. reduce the ability of Al-Shabaab, and other actors intent on undermining
peace and security in Somalia and the region, to obtain weapons and ammunition,
b. improve the ability of the GFRS and Somalia’s Federal Member States and
regional governments to analyse and understand the origins of weapons and
ammunition captured from Al-Shabaab or other actors, and,
c. reduce the threat to peace and security posed by terrorists, in Somalia and
neighbouring states,
Welcoming the technical assessments of the weapons and ammunition
management capability of Somalia (S/2022/698 and S/2023/676), and the benchmarks
proposed following the technical assessment, commending Somalia for the progress
made, especially with regards to weapons management, and urging continued
progress against the indicators,
Underlining the responsibility of the GFRS to ensure the safe and effective
management, storage and security of their stockpiles of weapons, ammunition and
other military equipment and their distribution, urging the GFRS to continue to codify
and implement weapons and ammunition management policies and regulations,
including continued development of an accountable weapons distribution and tracing
system for all Somali security and police institutions,
Welcoming the GFRS’ establishment of the Central Monitoring Department
(CMD) to provide coordination, oversight, assurance and monitoring of the delivery,
marking, circulation and audit of weapons and ammunition across Somalia with
support and advice from Member States,
Expressing concern about the number of safe ammunition storage facilities in
Somalia, and encouraging the construction, refurbishment and use of safe
ammunition depots across Somalia,
Encouraging the international community to provide specialised, long-term
training and capacity-building on weapons and ammunition management, including:
the safe storage of materiel sold, supplied or transferred to Somalia, tracing and
analysis of captured/seized weapons, ammunition and military equipment and
improvised explosive devices (IEDs),
Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,
1. Recalls paragraph 5 of resolution 733 (1992) which established a general
and complete embargo on all deliveries of weapons and military equipment to
Somalia as amended by subsequent resolutions, and, recognising the progress made
against the benchmarks endorsed in resolution 2662 (2022), decides to lift the arms
embargo established in resolution 733 (1992) as amended;
2. Recalls resolution 2713 (2023) which established a general and complete
embargo on all deliveries of weapons and military equipment to Al -Shabaab in
3. Calls upon the GFRS to continue to:
a. implement the National Weapons and Ammunition Management Strategy;
b. establish an ammunition accounting system, and build sufficient armouries
and ammunition storage areas to strengthen the capacity of stockpile management;
c. promote further professionalisation, training and capacity -building of all
Somali security and police institutions;
d. implement action plans to strengthen screening and accountability
e. take all measures necessary to ensure that weapons, ammunition and
military equipment imported for use by the GFRS, Somali National Army, Somali
National Police Force, the National Intelligence and Security Agency and the Somali
Custodial Corps, as well as licenced private security companies are not resold to,
transferred to, or made available for use by any individual or entity not in the service
of the FGRS; and,
f. implement Somalia’s responsibilities pursuant to resolution 2713 (2023);
4. Requests UNMAS, in collaboration with partners, to continue to:
a. provide technical advice and capacity-building support to assist Somalia
with the implementation of the National Weapons and Ammunition Management
Strategy and associated action plan;
b. provide coordination and strategic advice to the GFRS to support the
development of national policies, plans and guidelines to counter the threat of IEDs
and to support a coordinated response to mine action needs throughout Somalia ,
including assistance to victims;
5. Calls upon the international community to continue to provide additional
support to develop weapons and ammunition management capacity in Somalia,
including at the federal and local level, with a particular focus on w eapons and
ammunition storage, technical assistance, and capacity -building on marking,
recordkeeping, tracing and disposal, and encourages partners to coordinate their
efforts to support Somalia in implementing the requirements of this resolution.

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The situation in Somalia.
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