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Resolution 361



Resolution 361 (1971) of 30 August 1974
The Security Council,

Conscious of its special responsibilities under the United Nations Charter,
Recalling its resolutions 186 (1964) of 4 March 1964, 353 (1974) of 20 July, 354 (1974) of 23 July, 355 (1974)
of 1 August, 357 (1974) of 14 August, 358 (1974) and 359 (1974) of 15 August and 360 (1974) of 16 August 1974,
Noting that a large number of people in Cyprus have been displaced, and are in dire need of humanitarian
Mindful of the fact that it is one of the foremost purposes of the United Nations to lend humanitarian assistance
in situations such as the one currently prevailing in Cyprus,
Noting also that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has already been appointed Coordinator of
United Nations Humanitarian Assistance for Cyprus, with the task of co-ordinating relief assistance to be provided
by United Nations programmes and agencies and from other sources,
Having considered the report of the Secretary-General contained in document S/11473,
1. Expresses its appreciation to the Secretary-General for the part he has played in bringing about talks between
the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus;
7. Warmly welcomes this development and calls upon those concerned in the talks to pursue them actively with the
help of the Secretary-General and in the interests of the Cypriot people as a whole;
3 Calls upon all parties to do everything in their power to alleviate human suffering, to ensure the respect of
fundamental human rights for every person and to refrain from all action likely to aggravate the situation;

4. Expresses its grave concern at the plight of the refugees and other persons displaced as a result of the
situation in Cyprus and urges the parties concerned, in conjunction with the Secretary-General, to search for
peaceful solutions to the problems of refugees and take appropriate measures to provide for their relief and
welfare and to permit persons who wish to do so to return to their homes in safety;
5. Requests the Secretary-General to submit at the earliest possible opportunity a full report on the situation
of the refugees and other persons referred to in paragraph 4 above and decides to keep that situation under
constant review;
6. Further requests the Secretary-General to continue to provide emergency United Nations humanitarian assistance
to all parts of the population of the island in need of such assistance;
7. Calls upon all parties, as a demonstration of good faith, to take, both individually and in co-operation with
each other, all steps which may promote comprehensive and successful negotiations;
8. Reiterates its call to all parties to co-operate fully with the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus
in carrying out its tasks;
9. Expresses the conviction that the speedy implementation of the provisions of the present resolution will assist
the achievement of a satisfactory settlement in Cyprus.

Adopted unanimously at the 1795th meeting.

Cyprus, Turkey, Greece
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