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Resolution 406

Botswana-Southern Rhodesia


Resolution 406 (1977) of 25 May 1977
The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution 403 (1977) of 14 January 1977,
Taking note of the letter dated 18 April 1977 addressed to all States by the Secretary-General in accordance with
paragraph 8 of resolution 403 (1977),
Recalling further its resolutions 232 (1966) of 16 December 1966 and 253 (1968) of 29 May 1968, by which it
determined and reaffirmed, respectively, that the situation in Southern Rhodesia constituted a threat to
international peace and security,
Having examined the report of the Mission to Botswana established under resolution 403 (1977),
Having heard the statement of the Minister for External Affairs of Botswana on the continued attacks and acts of
provocation by the illegal racist regime in Southern Rhodesia against Botswana,
Convinced that international solidarity with Botswana, as a neighbouring State to Southern Rhodesia, is essential
for the promotion of a solution to the question of Southern Rhodesia,
Expresses full support for the Government of Botswana in its efforts to safeguard its sovereignty, territorial
integrity and independence;
2. Expresses its appreciation to the Secretary-General for having arranged to send a Mission to Botswana to
ascertain the assistance needed;
3. Takes note with satisfaction of the report of the Mission to Botswana;
4. Fully endorses the assessment and recommendations of the Mission to Botswana under resolution 403 (1977);
5. Further fully endorses the appeal made by the Secretary-General in his letter of 18 April 1977 to all States to
give the matter of assistance to Botswana their most urgent attention and to provide Botswana with the financial
and material help it urgently needs;
6. Welcomes the establishment by the Secretary-General of a special account at Headquarters to receive
contributions for assistance to Botswana through the United Nations;
7. Requests the United Nations and the organiza-
tions and programmes concerned, including the Economic and Social Council, the Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the United Nations High Commissioner
for Refugees, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the United Nations Conference
on Trade and Development, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Health Organization, to assist
Botswana in the fields identified in the report of the Mission to Botswana;
8. Requests the Secretary-General to give the matter of assistance to Botswana his continued attention and to keep
the Security Council informed;
9. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Adopted unanimously, without a vote, at the 2008th meeting.

Botswana, Zimbabwe
Botswana-Southern Rhodesia
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