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Resolution 560

South Africa


Resolution 560 (1985) of 12 March 1985
The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 473 (1980), 554 (1984) and 556 (1984), which, inter alia, demanded the cessation of
the uprootings, relocation and denationalization of the indigenous African people,
Noting with deep concern the aggravation of the situation in South Africa resulting from repeated killings of
defenceless opponents of apartheid in various townships all over South Africa and, most recently, the killing of
African demonstrators against forced removals at Crossroads,
Gravely concerned by the arbitrary arrests of members of the United Democratic Front and other mass organizations
opposed to the apartheid regime,
Deeply concerned by the preferment of charges of "high treason" on Mrs. Albertina Sisulu, Mr. Archie Gumede,
Mr. George Sewpershad, Mr. M. J. Naidoo, the Reverend Frank Chikana, Professor Ismael Mohammed, Mr. Mewa Ramgobin,
Mr. Cassim Saloojee, Mr. Paul David, Mr. Essop Jasset, Mr. Curtis Nkondo, Mr.Aubrey Mokoena, Mr. Thomazile Qweta,
Mr. Sisa Njikelana, Mr. Sam Kikine and Mr. Isaac Ngcobo, officials of the United Democratic Front and other
opponents of apartheid for their participation in the nonviolent campaign for a united non-racial and democratic
South Africa,
A ware that racist South Africa's intensified repression and charges of "high treason" against leading opponents
of apartheid constitute an effort further to entrench racist minority rule,
Concerned that repression further undermines the possibilities of a peaceful solution of the South African
Concerned over racist South Africa's policy of the uprooting, denationalization and dispossession of three
and a half million indigenous African people to date, thus swelling the ranks of the other millions already doomed
to permanent unemployment and starvation,
Noting with indignation that South Africa's policy of bantustanization is also aimed at the creation of internal
bases for the fomenting of fratricidal conflict,
1. Strongly condemns the Pretoria regime for the killing of defenceless African people protesting against their
forced removal from Crossroads and other places;
2. Strongly condemns the arbitrary arrests by the Pretoria regime of members of the United Democratic Front and
other mass organizations opposed to South Africa's policy of apartheid;
3. Calls upon the Pretoria regime to release unconditionally and immediately all political prisoners and detainees,
including Nelson Mandela and all other black leaders with whom it must deal in any meaningful discussion of the
future of the country;
4. Also calls upon the Pretoria regime to withdraw the charges of "high treason" instituted against the United
Democratic Front officials, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release;
5. Commends the massive united resistance of the oppressed people of South Africa against apartheid, and reaffirms
the legitimacy of their struggle for a united, non-racial and democratic South Africa;
6. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council on the implementation of the present
7. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Adopted unanimously at the 2574th meeting.

South Africa
South Africa
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