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Resolution 615

South Africa


Resolution 615 (1988) of 17 June 1988
The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 503 (1982) of 9 April 1982, 525 (1982) of 7 December 1982, 533 (1983) of 7 June 1983,
547 (1984) of 13 January 1984 and 610 (1988) of 16 March 1988 in which, inter alia, it expressed its grave
concern that the Pretoria regime's practice of sentencing to death and executing its opponents has adverse
consequences on the search for a peaceful resolution of the South African situation,
Gravely concerned at the deteriorating situation in South Africa, the worsening human suffering resulting from
the apartheid system and, inter alia, the South African regime's renewed state of emergency on 9 June 1988, its
imposition on 24 February 1988 of severe restrictions on eighteen anti-apartheid and labour organizations and
eighteen individuals committed to peaceful forms of struggle and the harassment and detention of church leaders
on 29 February, all of which further undermine the possibilities of a peaceful resolution of the South African
Having considered the question of the death sentences passed on 12 December 1985 in South Africa on Mojalefa
Reginald Sefatsa, Reid Malebo Mokoena, Oupa Moses Diniso, Theresa Ramashamola, Duma Joseph Khumalo and Francis
Don Mokhesi, known as the Sharpeville Six, as well as the decision to execute them,
Conscious that the Court proceedings of the Sharpeville Six show that none of the six young South Africans
convicted of murder was found by the Court to have caused
the actual death of the Councillor and that they were convicted of murder and sentenced to death only because
the Court found that they had a "common purpose" with the actual perpetrators,
Deeply concerned at the decision on 13 June 1988 of the Pretoria Supreme Court to reject an appeal to reopen the
case to ensure a fair trial,
Deeply concerned also at the Pretoria regime's decision to execute the Sharpeville Six in defiance of world-wide
Convinced that these executions, if carried out, will further inflame an already grave situation in South Africa,
1. Calls once again upon the South African authorities to stay execution and commute the death sentences imposed
on the Sharpeville Six;
2. Urges all States and organizations to use their influence and take urgent measures, in conformity with the
Charter of the United Nations, the resolutions of the Security Council and relevant international instruments,
to save the lives of the Sharpeville Six.

Adopted unanimously at the 2817th meeting.

South Africa
South Africa
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