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Resolution 629



Resolution 629 (1989) of 16 January 1989
The Security Council,

Reaffirming its relevant resolutions, in particular, resolutions 431 (1978) of 27 July 1978 and 435 (1978) of
29 September 1978,
Taking note of its resolution 628 (1989) of 16 January 1989,
Noting that the parties to the Protocol of Brazzaville agreed to recommend to the Secretary-General that
1 April 1989 be established as the date for the implementation of resolution 435 (1978),
Recognizing the progress in the south-western Africa peace process.
Expressing its concern at the increase in the police and paramilitary forces and the establishment of the
South-West Africa Territorial Force since 1978, and stressing the need to ensure conditions under which the
Namibian people will be able to participate in free and fair elections under the supervision and control of the
United Nations,
Noting also that these developments make appropriate a re-examination of the requirements for the United Nations
Transition Assistance Group effectively to fulfil its mandate which include, inter alia, keeping borders under
surveillance, preventing infiltration, preventing intimidation and ensuring the safe return of refugees and their
free participation in the electoral process,
Recalling the approval by the Security Council of the Secretary-General's statement on 29 September 1978 to the
Emphasizing its determination to ensure the early independence of Namibia through free and fair elections under
the supervision and control of the United Nations, in accordance with its resolution 435 (1978),
Reaffirming the legal responsibility of the United Nations over Namibia,
1. Decides that 1 April 1989 shall be the date on which implementation of resolution 435 (1978) will begin;
2. Requests the Secretary-General to proceed to arrange a formal cease-fire between the South West Africa
People's Organization and South Africa;
3. Calls upon South Africa to reduce immediately and substantially the existing police forces in Namibia with a
view to achieving reasonable balance between these forces and the United Nations Transition Assistance Group so as
to ensure effective monitoring by the latter;
4. Reaffirms the responsibility of all concerned to co-operate to ensure the impartial implementation of the
settlement plan in accordance with resolution 435 (1978);
5. Requests the Secretary-General to prepare at the earliest possible date a report to the Council on the
implementation of resolution 435 (1978), taking into account all relevant developments since the adoption of that
6. Also requests the Secretary-General, in preparing his report, to re-examine requirements necessary for the
Group in order to identify wherever possible tangible cost-saving measures without prejudice to his ability fully
to carry out the mandate as established in 1978, namely, to ensure the early independence of Namibia through free
and fair elections under the supervision and control of the United Nations;
7. Calls upon Members of the United Nations to consider, in co-ordination with the Secretary-General, how they
might provide economic and financial assistance to the Namibian people, both during the transitional period and
after independence.

Adopted unanimously at the 2842nd meeting.

Namibia, South Africa
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