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Resolution 781

Bosnia and Herzegovina (9 October)


S/RES/781 (1992)

14 September 1992
RESOLUTION 781 (1992)
Adopted bv the Security Council at its 3122nd meeting.

on 9 October 1992
The Security Council.

Reaffirming its resolution 713 (1991) and all subsequent relevant resolutions,

Determined to ensure the safety of humanitarian flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Noting the readiness of the parties, expressed in the framework of the London Conference, to take appropriate steps in order to ensure the safety of humanitarian flights and their commitment at that Conference to a ban on military flights.

Recalling in this context the Joint Declaration 1/ signed at Geneva on 30 September 1992 by the Presidents of the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), and in particular paragraph 7 thereof.

Retailing also the agreement reached on air issues at Geneva on 15 September 1992 among all the parties concerned in the framework of the Working Group on Confidence and Security-building and Verification Measures of the London Conference, £/

Alarmed at reports that military flights over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina are none the less continuing.
1/ S/24476, annex. 2/ S/24634, annex.
92-49164 4392Z (E) 091092 091092

S/RES/781 (1992)

Noting the letter of 4 October 1992 from the President of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina addressed to the President of the Security Council, 3./

Considering that the establishment of a ban on military flights in the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina constitutes an essential element for the safety of the delivery of humanitarian assistance and a decisive step for the cessation of hostilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Acting pursuant to the provisions of resolution 770 (1992) aimed at ensuring the safety of the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

1. Decides to establish a ban on military flights in the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this ban not to apply to United Nations Protection Force flights or to other flights in support of United Nations operations, including humanitarian assistance;

2. Reguests the United Nations Protection Force to monitor compliance with the ban on military flights, including the placement of observers where necessary at airfields in the territory of the former Yugoslavia;

3. Also requests the United Nations Protection Force to ensure, through an appropriate mechanism for approval and inspection, that the purpose of flights to and from Bosnia and Herzegovina other than those banned by paragraph 1 above is consistent with Security Council resolutions;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council on a periodic basis on the implementation of the present resolution and to report immediately any evidence of violations;

5. Calls upon States to take nationally or through regional agencies or arrangements all measures necessary to provide assistance to the United Nations Protection Force, based on technical monitoring and other capabilities, for the purposes of paragraph 2 above;

6. Undertakes to examine without delay all the information brought to its attention concerning the implementation of the ban on military flights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, in the case of violations, to consider urgently the further measures necessary to enforce this ban;

7. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.
1/ S/24616.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina (9 October)
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