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Resolution 886

Somalia (18 Nov)


S/RES/886 (1993)
18 November 1993
RESOLUTION 886 (1993)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 3317th meeting,
on 18 November 1993
The Security Council,
Reaffirming its resolutions 733 (1992) of 23 January 1992 and all
subsequent relevant resolutions,
Having considered the report of the Secretary-General of 12 November 1993
Noting the significant improvement in the situation in most areas of
Somalia achieved by the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM II) as
described in that report,
Noting also paragraph 72 of the report of the Secretary-General (S/26738),
Recognizing that the people of Somalia bear the ultimate responsibility for
national reconciliation and reconstruction of their own country,
Stressing the commitment of the international community to continue helping
Somalia in its efforts to accelerate the process of national reconstruction and
to promote stability, rehabilitation and political reconciliation and to regain
a normal, peaceful life,
Recalling that the highest priority of UNOSOM II continues to be to support
the efforts of the Somali people in promoting the process of national
reconciliation and the establishment of democratic institutions,
Affirming that the General Agreement signed in Addis Ababa on
8 January 1993 and the Addis Ababa Agreement of the First Session of the
Conference on National Reconciliation in Somalia signed on 27 March 1993,
establish a sound basis for resolution of the problems in Somalia,
Emphasizing also in this context, the crucial importance of disarmament in
achieving lasting peace and stability throughout Somalia,
Condemning the continuing acts of violence and armed attacks against
persons engaged in humanitarian and peace-keeping efforts and paying tribute to
93-64608 (E) /...
S/RES/886 (1993)
Page 2
those troops and humanitarian personnel of several countries who have been
killed or injured while serving in Somalia,
Determining that the situation in Somalia continues to threaten peace and
security in the region,
1. Welcomes the report of the Secretary-General (S/26738);
2. Commends the Secretary-General, his Special Representative and the
personnel of UNOSOM II for their achievements in improving the conditions of the
Somali people and in promoting the process of national reconciliation and
reconstruction of the country;
3. Decides, acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United
Nations, to renew the mandate of UNOSOM II for an additional period expiring on
31 May 1994;
4. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council by
15 January 1994, or at any time before that if the situation warrants, on the
progress made in achieving national reconciliation by the Somali people and that
made in the attainment of political, security and humanitarian goals, and
further requests the Secretary-General, as part of that report, to provide an
updated plan setting out UNOSOM II’s future concerted strategy with regard to
its humanitarian, political and security activities;
5. Decides to undertake a fundamental review of the mandate of UNOSOM II
by 1 February 1994 in light of the report of the Secretary-General and his
updated plan;
6. Urges all parties in Somalia, including movements and factions, to
accelerate their efforts to achieve political reconciliation, peace and
security, and immediately to abide by the cease-fire and disarmament agreements
reached in Addis Ababa, particularly the immediate cantonment of all heavy
7. Underscores the importance of the Somali people attaining specific
goals in the context of political reconciliation, in particular the early
establishment and effective functioning of all district and regional councils
and an interim national authority;
8. Stresses in this regard the importance it attaches to the accelerated
implementation by the Somali people, with the assistance of the United Nations
and donor countries, of the recommendations contained in annex I of the
Secretary-General’s report of 17 August 1993 (S/26317) and endorsed by the
Security Council in its resolution 865 (1993), and in particular the
establishment of an operational police, penal and judiciary system at the
regional and district level as soon as feasible;
9. Reminds all parties in Somalia, including movements and factions, that
continued United Nations involvement in Somalia depends on their active
cooperation and tangible progress towards a political settlement;
10. Welcomes and supports the ongoing diplomatic efforts being made by
Member States and international organizations, in particular those in the
S/RES/886 (1993)
Page 3
region, to assist United Nations efforts to bring all parties in Somalia,
including movements and factions, to the negotiating table;
11. Reaffirms the obligations of States to implement fully the embargo on
all deliveries of weapons and military equipment to Somalia imposed by
paragraph 5 of resolution 733 (1992);
12. Expresses concern at the destabilizing effects of cross-border arms
flows in the region affirms the importance it attaches to the security of the
countries neighbouring Somalia and calls for the cessation of such arms flows;
13. Welcomes the fourth Coordination Meeting on Humanitarian Assistance
for Somalia to be convened in Addis Ababa from 29 November to 1 December 1993;
14. Emphasizes the relationship between national rehabilitation and
progress in the process of national reconciliation in Somalia, and encourages
donor countries to make contributions to Somalia’s rehabilitation as
demonstrable political progress occurs, and in particular to contribute urgently
to rehabilitation projects in those regions where progress on political
reconciliation and security has been made;
15. Expresses its appreciation to those Member States which have
contributed to or provided logistical or other assistance to UNOSOM II or
offered to do so, and encourages those who are in a position to do so to
contribute, on an urgent basis, troops, equipment, financial and logistical
support to enhance UNOSOM II’s capability to carry out its mandate and to ensure
the safety of the personnel;
16. Requests the Secretary-General to ask the Somalia Trust Fund Committee
to review claims and make payments on an urgent basis and urges Member States to
make funds available directly or through the Somalia Trust Fund for priority
projects, including the re-establishment of the Somali police and demining, on
an urgent basis;
17. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

Somalia (18 Nov)
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