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December 17, 1945
Security Council membership
Non-permanent member
1995 1996
5 major topics discussed
Bosnia and Herzegovina (19)
Croatia (17)
Middle East (10)
Montenegro (10)
Rwanda (10)
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Resolutions Topic: Montenegro

  • Resolution 1038 The sitation in Croatia (1996)
  • Resolution 1031 Implementation of the Peace Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina and transfer of authority from the UN Protection Force to the multinational Implementation Force (IFOR) (1995)
  • Resolution 1026 Extension of the mandate of the UN Protection Force (1995)
  • Resolution 1022 Suspension of measures imposed by or reaffirmed in Security Council resolutions related to the situation in the former Yugoslavia (1995)
  • Resolution 1021 Termination of the embargo on deliveries of weapons and military equipment imposed by resolution 713 (1991) (1995)
  • Resolution 1015 Partial suspension of sanctions against Yugoslavia (1995)
  • Resolution 1003 Further extension of partial suspension of sanctions against Yugoslavia (1995)
  • Resolution 992 Freedom of navigation on the Danube River (1995)
  • Resolution 988 Further extension of the partial suspension of certain sanctions against Yugoslavia (1995)
  • Resolution 970 The closure of the international border between Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with respect to all goods except for essential humanitarian needs (1995)