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Resolution 616

Islamic Republic of Iran-USA


Resolution 616 (1988) of 20 July 1988
The Security Council,

Having considered the letter dated 5 July 1988 from the Acting Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic
of Iran addressed to the President of the Security Council,
Having heard the statement of the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Ali Akbar Velayati and the statement of the representative of the United States of America, Vice-President George
Deeply distressed that a civil aircraft of Iran Air— scheduled international flight 655—was destroyed in flight
over the Strait of Hormuz by a missile fired from the United States warship USS Vincennes,
Stressing the need for a full explanation of the facts of the incident based upon impartial investigation,
Gravely disturbed at the increasing exacerbation of tension in the Gulf region,
1. Expresses its deep distress at the downing of an Iranian civil aircraft by a missile fired from a United
States warship and profound regret over the tragic loss of innocent lives;
2. Expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the tragic incident and to the peoples and
Governments of their countries of origin;
3. Welcomes the decision of the International Civil Aviation Organization, in response to the request of the
Islamic Republic of Iran, "to institute an immediate factfinding investigation to determine all relevant facts
and technical aspects of the chain of events relating to the flight and destruction of the aircraft" and welcomes
the announcements by the United States of America and by the Islamic Republic of Iran of their decisions to
co-operate with the International Civil Aviation Organization investigation;
4. Urges all parties to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago in 1944, to observe to
the fullest extent, in all circumstances, the international rules and practices concerning the safety of civil
aviation, in particular those of the annexes to that Convention, in order to prevent the recurrence of incidents
of the same nature;
5. Stresses the need for a full and rapid implementation of its resolution 598 (1987) of 20 July 1987, as the
only basis for a comprehensive, just, honourable and durable settlement of the conflict between the Islamic
Republic of Iran and Iraq, and reaffirms its support to the efforts of the Secretary-General to implement that
resolution, committing itself to work with him in the development of his implementation plan.

Adopted unanimously at the 2821st meeting.

Iran, United States of America
Islamic Republic of Iran-USA
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