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Resolution 849

Abkhazia, Georgia (9 July)


S/RES/849 (1993)

9 July 1993
RESOLUTION 849 (1993)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 3252nd meeting,

on 9 July 1993
The Security Council.

Having considered the report of the Secretary-General of 1 July 1993 (S/26023 and Add.2),

Recalling the statements made by the President of the Security Council on 10 September 1992, 8 October 1992 and 29 January 1993 concerning the situation in Abkhazia, Republic of Georgia (S/24542, S/24637 and S/25198),

Recalling the Moscow Agreement of 3 September 1992 (S/24523),

Endorsing the approach set out in the Secretary-General's letter of 5 May 1993 to the President of the Security Council (S/25756),

Noting with concern the recent intensification of fighting around Sukhumi,

Reaffirming the statement made by the President of the Security Council on 2 July 1993 (S/26032), which called in particular on all parties to respect the cease-fire agreement of 14 May 1993,

Stressing the importance it attaches, in the context of the deployment of military observers, to the existence and implementation of a cease-fire and a peace process with the effective involvement of the United Nations,

1. Notes with appreciation the observations contained in the Secretary-General 's report;

2. Recruests the Secretary-General to and his Special Envoy to the region to assist in reaching agreement on the implementation of the cease-fire; and to begin immediately the necessary preparations, including contacting Member States which may be able to make observers available and i, nding a planning team to the area, for the dispatch of 50 military observers to Georgia once the cease-fire is implemented;

3. Further requests the Secretary-General to notify the Council, for its decision, when the cease-fire has been implemented and in his view conditions
93-39304 (E)

permit the deployment of the observers, and to make recommendations at that stage for their mandate, and declares its readiness to act expeditiously upon such notification;

4. Welcomes in this context the Secretary-General's continuing efforts to launch a peace process involving the parties to the conflict and with the participation of the Government of the Russian Federation as a facilitator;

5. Supports the Secretary-General's continuing cooperation with the Chairman-in-Office of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) in their efforts to bring peace to the region;

6. Calls on the Government of the Republic of Georgia to enter expeditiously into discussion with the United Nations on a status of forces agreement to facilitate early deployment of observers when the Council so decides;

7. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Abkhazia, Georgia (9 July)
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