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Resolution 862

Haiti (31 Aug)


S/RES/862 (1993) 31 August 1993
RESOLUTION 862 (1993)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 3272nd meeting

on 31 August 1993
The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 841 (1993) of 16 June 1993 and 861 (1993) of 27 August 1993,

Recalling also the Governors Island Agreement between the President of the Republic of Haiti and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Haiti, of 3 July 1993, contained in the report of the Secretary-General of 12 July 1993 (S/26063), and the letter of the President of the Republic of Haiti to the Secretary-General of 24 July 1993 (S/26180, annex),

Commending the efforts undertaken by the Special Envoy for Haiti of the United Nations and Organization of American States Secretaries-General,

Noting that point 5 of the Governors Island Agreement calls for international assistance in modernizing the armed forces of Haiti and establishing a new police force with the presence of United Nations personnel in these fields,

Reaffirming the international community's commitment to a resolution of the crisis in Haiti, including a restoration of democracy,

Recalling the situation in Haiti and the continuing responsibility of the Council under the Charter for the maintenance of international peace and security,

1. Takes note of the Secretary-General's report of 25 August 1993 to the Security Council (S/26352), which contains recommendations concerning United Nations assistance in the modernization of the armed forces as well as in the establishment of a new police force in Haiti under a proposed United Nations Mission in Haiti;

2. Approves the dispatch as soon as possible of an advance team of not more than 30 personnel to assess reguirements and prepare for the possible dispatch of both the civilian police and military assistance components of the proposed United Nations Mission in Haiti;
93-47960 (E)

3. Decides that the mandate of the advance team will expire within one month, and contemplates that this advance team could be incorporated into the proposed United Nations Mission in Haiti if and when such a mission is formally established by the Council;

4. Looks forward to a further report of the Secretary-General on the proposed establishment of the United Nations Mission in Haiti, including in particular a detailed estimate of the cost and scope of this operation, a time-frame for its implementation, and the projected conclusion of this operation, and how to ensure coordination, inter alia, between it and the work of the Organization of American States, with a view to establishing the proposed mission on an expeditious basis, if the Council so decides;

5. Urges the Secretary-General to enter expeditiously into discussions with the Government of Haiti on a status of mission agreement to facilitate the early dispatch of the United Nations Mission in Haiti, if and when the Council so decides;

6. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Haiti (31 Aug)
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