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Resolution 867

Haiti (23 Sept)


S/RES/867 (1993)
23 September 1993
RESOLUTION 867 (1993)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 3282nd meeting,
on 23 September 1993
The Security Council,
Recalling its resolutions 841 (1993) of 16 June 1993, 861 (1993) of
27 August 1993 and 862 (1993) of 31 August 1993,
Recalling also relevant resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and the
Organization of American States,
Noting the report of the Secretary-General of 21 September 1993 (S/26480
and Add.1), and the reports of the Secretary-General of 25 August 1993 (S/26352)
and 26 August 1993 (S/26361), submitted pursuant to his reports to the Security
Council dated 12 July 1993 (S/26063) and 13 August 1993 (S/26297),
Taking note of the letter dated 24 July 1993 from the Secretary-General to
the President of the Security Council (S/26180) conveying a proposal from the
Government of Haiti requesting the United Nations to provide assistance in
creating a new police force and in modernizing the Haitian armed forces,
Stressing the importance of the Governors Island Agreement of 3 July 1993
(S/26063) between the President of the Republic of Haiti and the
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Haiti towards promoting the return of
peace and stability in Haiti, including the provisions of paragraph 5, under
which the parties call for assistance for modernizing the armed forces of Haiti
and establishing a new police force with the presence of United Nations
personnel in these fields,
Strongly supportive of the efforts to implement that Agreement, and to
permit the resumption of the normal operations of Government in Haiti, including
police and military functions, under civilian control,
Recalling the situation in Haiti and the continuing responsibility of the
Council under the Charter for the maintenance of international peace and
93-51530 (E) /...
S/RES/867 (1993)
Page 2
Concerned about the escalation of politically motivated violence in Haiti
at this time of critical political transition, and recalling in this respect the
statement of the President of the Security Council of 17 September 1993
Considering that there is an urgent need to ensure conditions for the full
implementation of the Governors Island Agreement and the political accords
contained in the New York Pact as contained in the annex to the report of the
Secretary-General of 13 August 1993 (S/26297),
1. Approves the recommendation of the Secretary-General contained in his
report of 21 September 1993 (S/26480) and his report of 25 August 1993 (S/26352)
to authorize the establishment and immediate dispatch of the United Nations
Mission in Haiti (UNMIH) for a period of six months subject to the proviso that
it will be extended beyond seventy-five days only upon a review by the Council
to be based on a report from the Secretary-General on whether or not substantive
progress has been made towards the implementation of the Governors Island
Agreement and the political accords contained in the New York Pact;
2. Decides that, in accordance with the report of 21 September 1993, the
United Nations Mission shall be comprised of up to 567 United Nations police
monitors (UNPMS) and a military construction unit with a strength of
approximately 700, including 60 military trainers;
3. Determines that the UNPMS shall provide guidance and training to all
levels of the Haitian police and monitor the way in which the operations are
implemented in accordance with paragraph 9 of the report of the
Secretary-General of 21 September 1993;
4. Also determines that the military component of the Mission in charge
of modernization of the armed forces shall have the following roles:
(a) The military training teams shall provide non-combat training, as
outlined in paragraph 17 of the report of the Secretary-General of
21 September 1993, to meet requirements determined through coordination between
the Chief of the United Nations Mission and the Government of Haiti;
(b) The military construction unit will work with the Haitian military to
carry out projects, as specified in paragraph 15 of the report of the
Secretary-General of 25 August 1993 and as described in paragraph 16 of his
report of 21 September 1993;
5. Welcomes the intention of the Secretary-General to place the
peace-keeping mission under the oversight of the Special Representative of the
Secretaries-General of the United Nations and of the Organization of American
States, who also oversees the activities of the International Civilian Mission
(MICIVIH), so that the peace-keeping mission may benefit from the experience and
information already obtained by MICIVIH;
6. Calls upon the Government of Haiti to take all appropriate steps to
ensure the safety of United Nations personnel, as well as to ensure the freedom
of movement and communication of the Mission and its members as well as the
other rights necessary for the performance of its task, and in this regard urges
the conclusion at the earliest possible stage of a Status of Mission Agreement;
S/RES/867 (1993)
Page 3
7. Notes that such safety and freedoms are a prerequisite for the
successful implementation of the Mission, and requests the Secretary-General to
report to the Council in the event such conditions do not exist;
8. Calls upon all factions in Haiti explicitly and publicly to renounce,
and to direct their supporters to renounce violence as a means of political
9. Requests the Secretary-General to dispatch the United Nations Mission
in Haiti on an urgent basis;
10. Encourages the Secretary-General to establish a trust fund or make
other arrangements to assist in the financing of the Mission, along the lines
and conditions outlined in paragraph 26 of the report of the Secretary-General
of 21 September 1993, and to seek for this purpose pledges and contributions
from Member States and others, and encourages Member States to make voluntary
contributions to this fund;
11. Requests the Secretary-General to seek contributions of personnel from
Member States for the civilian police and military components of the Mission, as
specified in paragraph 18 of his report of 25 August 1993;
12. Expresses the hope that States will assist the legally constituted
Government of Haiti in carrying out actions consistent with the restoration of
democracy as called for by the Governors Island Accord, the New York Pact and
other relevant resolutions and agreements;
13. Expresses its appreciation for the constructive role of the
Organization of American States in cooperation with the United Nations in
promoting the solution of the political crisis and the restoration of democracy
in Haiti and, in this context, stresses the importance of ensuring close
coordination between the United Nations and the Organization of American States
in their work in Haiti;
14. Requests the Secretary-General to submit progress reports to the
Council on the implementation of the present resolution by 10 December 1993 and
25 January 1994, thus keeping the Council fully informed on actions taken to
implement the Mission;
15. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

Haiti (23 Sept)
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