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Resolution 546

Angola-South Africa


Resolution 546 (1984) of 6 January 1984
The Security Council,

Having considered the statement of the Permanent Representative of Angola to the United Nations,
Recalling its resolutions 387 1976), 418 (1977), 428 (1978), 447 (1979), 454 (1979), 475 (1980) and 545 (1983),
Gravely concerned at the renewed escalation of unprovoked bombing and persistent acts of aggression, including the
continued military occupation, committed by the racist regime of South Africa in violation of the sovereignty,
airspace and territorial integrity of Angola,
Grieved at the tragic and mounting loss of human life and concerned about the damage and destruction of property
resulting from those escalated bombing and other military attacks against and occupation of the territory of
Angola by South Africa,
Indignant at the continued military occupation of parts of the territory of Angola by South Africa in contravention
of the Charter of the United Nations and relevant Security Council resolutions,
Conscious of the need to take effective steps for the prevention and removal of all threats to international peace
and security posed by South Africa's military attacks,
1. Strongly condemns South Africa for its renewed, intensified, premeditated and unprovoked bombing, as well as
the continuing occupation of parts of the territory of Angola, which constitute a flagrant violation of the
sovereignty and territorial integrity of that country and endanger seriously international peace and security;
2. Further strongly condemns South Africa for its utilization of the international Territory of Namibia as a
springboard for perpetrating the armed attacks as well as sustaining its occupation of parts of the territory of
3. Demands that South Africa should cease immediately all bombing and other acts of aggression and unconditionally
withdraw forthwith all its military forces occupying Angolan territory as well as undertake scrupulously to
respect the sovereignty, airspace, territorial integrity and independence of Angola;
4. Calls upon all States to implement fully the arms embargo imposed against South Africa in Security Council
resolution 418 (1977);
5. Reaffirms the right of Angola, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations
and, in particular, Article 51, to take all the measures necessary to defend and safeguard its sovereignty,
territorial integrity and independence;
6. Renews its request to Member States to extend all necessary assistance to Angola, in order that Angola may
defend itself against the escalating military attacks by South Africa as well as the continuing occupation of
parts of Angola by South Africa;
7. Reaffirms further that Angola is entitled to prompt and adequate compensation for the damage to life and
property consequent upon these acts of
aggression and the continuing occupation of parts of its territory by the South African military forces;
8. Decides to meet again in the event of noncompliance by South Africa with the present resolution in order to
consider the adoption of more effective measures in accordance with appropriate provisions of the Charter;
9. Requests the Secretary-General to monitor the implementation of the present resolution and report to the
Security Council thereon not later than 10 January 1984;
10. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Adopted at the 2511th meeting by 13 votes to none, with 2 abstentions (United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland. United States of America).

Angola, South Africa
Angola-South Africa
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