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Resolution 581

South Africa


Resolution 581 (1986) of 13 February 1986
The Security Council,

Having considered the request of the Permanent Representative of the Sudan to the United Nations contained
in document S/17770,
Bearing in mind that all Member States are obliged to retrain in their international relations from the threat
or use ol force against the sovereignty, territorial integrity of political independence of any State or
from acting in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the United Nations,
Gravely concerned at the tension and instability created by the hostile policies and aggression of the apartheid
regime throughout southern Africa and the mounting threat they pose to the security of the region and its
wider implications for international peace and security,
Gravely concerned that such acts of aggression can only serve to aggravate the already volatile and dangerous
situation in the southern African region.
Reiterating its total opposition to the system of apartheid.
Reaffirming the right of all countries to give sanctuary to refugees fleeing from the oppression caused by the
apartheid system.
Taking note of the communique of the Ministers of the front line States and of the European Economic Community
in which, inter alia, the Ministers condemned South Africa's policy of destabilization in all its manifestations,
including the use of any direct or indirect armed actions in neighbouring States, and agreed to deny perpetrators
of such actions any assistance or support.
Recalling its resolutions 567 (1985), 568(1985). 571(1985), 572 (1985) and 580 (1985), by which, inter alia,
it condemned South Africa's aggression against Angola, Botswana and Lesotho,
Convinced that the apartheid system of the racist regime of South Africa and its continued illegal occupation
of Namibia are the source of tensions and insecurity in southern Africa,
Gravely concerned at the recent threats by South Africa to continue to perpetrate acts of aggression against
the front-line States and other countries in southern Africa tinted at destabilizing them.
Conscious of the urgent need to take effective steps for the prevention and removal of all threats to peace and
security in the region posed by South Africa's recent threats to use force against countries in southern Africa,
Convinced that only the elimination of apartheid can lead to a just and lasting solution to the explosive
situation in South Africa in particular and in southern Africa in general,
1. Strongly condemns racist South Africa for its recent threats to perpetrate acts of aggression against the front-line States and other States in southern Africa;
2. Strongly warns the racist regime of South Africa against committing any acts of aggression, terrorism and
destabilization against independent African States and its use of mercenaries;
3. Deplores the escalation of violence in the region and calls upon South Africa to respect fully the sanctity
of international borders;
4. Deplores any form of assistance given by Slates which could be used to destabilize independent States in
southern Africa;
5. Calls upon all States to exert pressure on South Africa to desist from perpetrating acts of aggression
against neighbouring States;
6. Reaffirms the right of all States in the fulfilment of their international obligations to give sanctuary to
the victims of apartheid;
7. Demands the immediate eradication of apartheid as the necessary step towards the establishment of a non-racial
democratic society based on self-determination and majority rule through the full and free exercise of universal
adult suffrage by all the people in a united and non-fragmented South Africa, and to this end demands:
(a) The dismantling of the bantustan structures as well as the cessation of uprooting, relocation and
denationalization of the indigenous African people;
(b) The abrogation of the bans and restrictions on political organizations, parties, individuals and news media
opposed to apartheid;
(c) The unimpeded return of all the exiles;
8. Demands that the racist regime of South Africa put an end to the violence against and repression of the black
people and other opponents of apartheid, unconditionally release all persons imprisoned, detained or restricted
for their opposition to apartheid and lift the state of emergency;
9. Deplores the racist regime of South Africa for its disregard of the principles of international law and its
obligations under the Charter of the United Nations;
10. Commends the front-line States and other States neighbouring South Africa for their support of freedom and
justice in South Africa and requests Member States to extend urgently all forms of assistance to these States
in order to strengthen their capacities to receive, maintain and protect South African refugees in their
respective countries;
11. Requests the Secretary-General to monitor developments related to South Africa's threats to escalate acts of
aggression against independent States in southern Africa and to report to the Security Council as the situation
12. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Adopted at the 2662nd meeting by 13 votes to none, with 2 abstentions (Untied Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland, United Suites of America.

South Africa
South Africa
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