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Resolution 714

El Salvador (30 Sept)


Resolution 714 (1991)

of 30 September 1991
The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution 637 (1989) of 27 July 1989, by which it lent its full support to the Secretary-General for his mission of good offices in Central America,

Also recalling its resolution 693 (1991) of 20 May 1991, by which it established the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador,

Welcoming the New York Agreement signed 25 September 1991 by the Government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberaci6n Nacional,1" which provides guarantees and conditions on which to reach a peaceful settlement to the armed conflict, including, inter alia, the provisions concerning the National Commission for the Consolidation of Peace, permitting the reintegration of the members of the Frente Farabundo Marti within a framework of full legality into the civil, institutional and political life of the country,

Welcoming also the oral report of the Secretary-General made at the consultations held on 30 September 1991,

1. Commends the parties for the flexibility and seriousness which they demonstrated during the course of the recent talks in New York;

2. Congratulates the Secretary-General and his Personal Representative for Central America for their skilful and tireless efforts which have been vital to the peace process;
3. Expresses its appreciation for the contributions of the Governments of the Group of Friends of the Secretary-General - Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela - which have advanced the peace process in El Salvador;

4. Urges both parties, at the next negotiating round, which will begin on 12 October 1991, to proceed at an intensive and sustained pace to reach at. the earliest possible date a cease-fire and a peaceful settlement to the armed conflict in accordance with the framework of the New York Agreement;139

5. Reaffirms its full support for the urgent completion of the peace process in El Salvador, and expresses its readiness to support the implementation of a settlement;

6. Urges both parties to exercise maximum and continuing restraint, particularly with respect to the civilian population, in order to create the best climate for a successful last stage of the negotiations;

7. Calls upon both parties to continue to cooperate fully with the United Nations Observer Mission in el Salvador.

Adopted unanimously at the 3010th meeting

El Salvador
El Salvador (30 Sept)
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