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Resolution 729

El Salvador (14 Jan)


Resolution 729 (1992) of 14 January 1992

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution 637 (1989) of 27 July 1989,

Recalling also its resolution 714 (1991) of 30 September 1991, as well as the statement made by the President of the Security Council on behalf of its members on 3 January 1992 2 following the signature of the Act of New York 4 on 31 December 1991,

Recalling further its resolution 693 (1991) of 20 May 1991 by which it established the United Nations Observer Mission in FJ Salvador,

Welcoming the conclusion of agreements between the Government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberaci6n Nacional, which are to be signed at Mexico City on 16 January 1992 and which, when implemented, will put a definitive end to the Salvadorian armed conflict and will open the way for national reconciliation,

Calling upon both parties to continue to exercise maximum moderation and restraint and to take no action which would be contrary to or adversely affect the agreements to be signed in Mexico City,

Expressing its conviction that a peaceful settlement in El Salvador will make a decisive contribution to the Central American peace process,

Welcoming the intention of the Secretary-General to convey shortly to the Council his recommendation on the termination of the mandate of the United Nations Observer Group in Central America,

1. Approves the report of the Secretary-General of 10

and 13 January 1992;5

2. Decides, on the basis of the report of the Secretary-Genera] and in accordance with the provisions of resolution 693 (1991), to enlarge the mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador to include the verification and monitoring of the implementation of all the agreements once these are signed at Mexico City between the Government of El Salvador and the Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberation Nacional, in particular the Agreement on the Cessation of the Armed Conflict and the Agreement on the Establishment of a National Civil Police;

3. Also decides that the mandate of the Mission, enlarged in accordance with the present resolution, will be extended to 31 October 1992 and that it will be reviewed at that time on the basis of recommendations to be presented by the Secretary-Ge-neral;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to take the necessary measures to increase the strength of the Mission as recommended in his report;

5. Calk upon both parties to respect scrupulously and to implement in good faith the commitments assumed by them under the agreements which are to be signed at Mexico City and to cooperate fully with the Mission in its task of verifying the implementation of these agreements;

6. Reaffirms its support for the Secretary-General's continuing mission of good offices with regard to the Central American peace process, and in particular for his observations in paragraphs 17 to 19 of the report regarding his intention to continue, as was foreseen in the Geneva Agreement of 4 April 1990 6 concerning the process which is to end definitively the armed conflict, to rely on the Governments of Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela, as well as other States and groups of States, to support him in the exercise of his responsibilities;

7. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council fully informed of developments relating to the implementation of the present resolution and to report on the operations of the Mission before the expiry of the new mandate period.

Adopted unanimously at the 3030th meeting

El Salvador
El Salvador (14 Jan)
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