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Resolution 785

Angola (30 October)


S/RES/785 (1992)

14 September 1992
RESOLUTION 785 (1992)
Adopted bv the Security Council at its 3130th meeting,

on 30 October 1992
The Security Council.

Recalling its resolutions 696 (1991) of 30 May 1991 and 747 (1992) of 24 March 1992,

Recalling also the statement made on its behalf by the President of the Security Council on 27 October 1992 (S/24720),

Taking note of the letter of the Secretary-General dated 29 October 1992 (S/24736), in which he recommends an extension of the existing mandate of the United Nations Angola Verification Mission (UNAVEM II) for an interim period.

Deeply concerned at the deterioration of the political situation and the rising tension in Angola,

Deeply concerned also at the reports of the recent resumption of hostilities by UNITA in Luanda and Huambo,

Affirming that any party which fails to abide by all the commitments entered into under the "Acordos de Paz para Angola" will be rejected by the international community, and that the results of use of force will not be accepted,

1. Approves the recommendation Of the Secretary-General to extend the existing mandate of UNAVEM II for an interim period, until 30 November 1992;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to submit to it by that date a detailed report on the situation in Angola together with long-term recommendations, accompanied by the financial implications thereof, on the mandate and strength of UNAVEM II;

92-66554 4497Z (E)

S/RES/785 (1992)

3. Strongly condemns any such resumption of hostilities and urgently demands that such acts cease forthwith;

4. Calls on all States to refrain from any action which directly or indirectly could jeopardize the implementation of the "Acordos de Paz" and increase the tension in the country;

5. Reiterates its full support for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and UNAVEM II, and its strong condemnation of the attacks and baseless accusations made by UNITA's radio station, Vorqan. against the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and UNAVEM II;

6. Supports the statement by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General certifying that the elections held on 29 and

30 September 1992 were generally free and fair and calls upon UNITA and the other parties to the electoral process in Angola to respect the results of the elections;

7. Calls upon the parties to the "Acordos de Paz" to abide by all the commitments entered into under the Accords, in particular with regard to the confinement of their troops and collection of their weapons, demobilization and the formation of the unified national armed force, and to refrain from any act that might heighten tension, jeopardize the continued conduct of the electoral process and threaten the territorial integrity of Angola;

8. Prges the leaders of the two parties to engage in a dialogue without delay so as to enable the second round of the presidential elections to be held promptly;

9. Reaffirms that it will hold responsible any party which refuses to take part in such a dialogue, thereby jeopardizing the entire process, and reiterates its readiness to consider all appropriate measures under the Charter of the United Nations to secure implementation of the "Acordos de Paz";
10. Decides to remain seized of the question.

Angola (30 October)
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