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Resolution 851

Angola (15 July)



15 July 1993
RESOLUTION 851 (1993)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 3254th meeting,

on 15 July 1993
The Security Council,

Reaffirming its resolutions 696 (1991) of 30 May 1991, 747 (1992) of 24 March 1992, 785 (1992) of 30 October 1992, 793 (1992) of 30 November 1992, 804 (1993) of 29 January 1993, 811 (1993) of 12 March 1993, 823 (1993) of 30 April 1993 and 834 (1993) of 1 June 1993,

Having considered the further report (S/26060 and Add.2) of the Secretary-General dated 12 July 1993,

Recalling the statement made by the President of the Security Council on 8 June 1993 (S/25899),

Welcoming the Declaration on the Situation in Angola adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) at its Twenty-ninth Ordinary Session (S/26076), and the Resolution on the Situation in Angola adopted by the Council of Ministers of the OAU at its Fifty-eighth Ordinary Session (S/26081),

Welcoming also the joint statement issued in Moscow on 8 July 1993 by the representatives of Portugal, the Russian Federation and the United States of America, the three observer States to the Angolan peace process (S/26064),

Noting the Special Declaration on Angola adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna,

Expressing grave concern at the deterioration of the political and military situation, and noting with consternation the further deterioration of an already grave humanitarian situation,

Deeply concerned that the peace talks remain suspended and that a ceasefire has not been established,

Welcoming and supporting the efforts of the Secretary-General and his Special Representat ive aimed at the earliest resolution of the Angolan crisis through negotiations,

93-39985 (E)

Emphasizing the importance of a continued and effective United Nations presence in Angola with a view to fostering the peace process and advancing the implementation of the "Acordos de Paz",

Reaffirming its commitment to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of Angola,

1. Welcomes the further report of the Secretary-General dated

12 July 1993 and decides to extend the existing mandate of the United Nations Angola Verification Mission {UNAVEM II) for a period of two months until 15 September 1993;

2. Reiterates its readiness to consider taking action promptly, at any time within the period of the mandate authorized by this resolution, on the recommendation of the Secretary-General to expand substantially the United Nations presence in Angola in the event of significant progress in the peace process;

3. Stresses the importance of the functions of good offices and mediation by UNAVEM II and the Special Representative, with the goal of restoring a cease-fire and reinstating the peace process for the full implementation of the "Acordos de Paz";

4. Reiterates its demand that UNITA accept unreservedly the results of the democratic elections of 1992 and abide fully by the "Acordos de Paz";

5. Condemns UNITA for continuing military actions, which are resulting in increased suffering to the civilian population of Angola and damage to the Angolan economy and again demands that UNITA immediately cease such actions;

6. Also condemns UNITA's repeated attempts to seize additional territory and its failure to withdraw its troops from the locations which it has occupied since the resumption of the hostilities, and demands once again that it immediately do so and agree without delay to return its troops to United Nations-monitored areas as a transitional measure pending full implementation of the "Acordos de Paz";

7. Reaffirms that such occupation is a grave violation of the "Acordos de Paz" and is incompatible with the goal of peace through agreements and reconciliation;

8. Stresses the fundamental need to re-initiate without delay the peace talks under United Nations auspices with a view to the immediate establishment of a cease-fire throughout the country and the full implementation of the "Acordos de Paz" and relevant resolutions of the Security Council;

9. Takes note of statements by UNITA that it is prepared to resume peace negotiations and demands that UNITA act accordingly;

10. Welcomes the continued disposition of the Government of Angola to reach a peaceful settlement of the conflict in conformity with the "Acordos de Paz" and relevant resolutions of the Security Council;

11. Urges all States to refrain from any action which directly or indirectly could jeopardize the implementation of the "Acordos de Paz", especially from providing any form of direct or indirect military assistance to UNITA, or any other support to UNITA inconsistent with the peace process;

12. Expresses its readiness to consider the imposition of measures under the Charter of the United Nations, including a mandatory embargo on the sale or supply to UNITA of arms and related materiel and other military assistance, to prevent UNITA from pursuing its military actions, unless by 15 September 1993 the Secretary-General has reported that an effective cease-fire has been established and that agreement has been reached on the full implementation of the "Acordos de Paz" and relevant resolutions of the Security Council;

13. Recognizes the legitimate rights of the Government of Angola and in this regard wel comes the provision of assistance to the Government of Angola in support of the democratic process;

14. Welcomes the steps taken by the Secretary-General to implement the emergency humanitarian assistance plan;

15. Takes note of statements by UNITA that it will cooperate in ensuring the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance to all Angolans and demands that UNITA act accordingly;

16. Calls upon all Member States, United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations to respond swiftly and generously to the Secretary-General's appeal in implementation of the above-mentioned plan and to accord or increase humanitarian relief assistance to Angola, and encourages the Special Representat ive of the Secretary—General to continue to coordinate the provision of humanitarian assistance;

17. Demands that UNITA continue to extend its cooperation in ensuring the immediate evacuation of foreign nationals and their family members from Huambo and other locations occupied by UNITA;

18. Reiterates its strong condemnation of the attack by UNITA forces, on 27 May 1993, against a train carrying civilians, and reaffirms that such criminal attacks are clear violations of international humanitarian law;

19. Reiterates also its appeal to both parties strictly to abide by applicable rules of international humanitarian law, including to guarantee unimpeded access for humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in need, and commends in particular the efforts of the Secretary-General and his Special Representative to establish agreed humanitarian relief corridors;

20. Reiterates its appeal to both parties to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and safety of UNAVEM II personnel as well as of the personnel involved in humanitarian relief operations;

21. Reguests the Secretary-General to submit to it as soon as the situation warrants, and in any case before 15 September 1993, a report on the situation in Angola with his recommendation for the further role of the United Nations in the peace process and, in the meantime, to keep the Council regularly informed of developments;
22. Requests also the Secretary-General to submit as soon as possible the budgetary implications of bringing UNAVEM II up to its full strength as mandated in resolution 696 (1991) of 30 May 1991;

23. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

Angola (15 July)
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